How Does Rat Poison Work?


Phosphides are a type of rat poison made with zinc phosphide which reacts with the rodent's stomach acid to form a gas called phosphine. Many rats have become resistant to the anti-coagulant rodenticides and in these cases the zinc phosphide works very well. Zinc phosphide is preferred because the poisons do not remain in the tissues of the rodent.
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How Does Rat Poison Work?
The most common type of rat poisoning on the market today is the anti-coagulant rodenticide. Anti-coagulants work by depleting Vitamin K stores in the rodent's system. Vitamin K is a very important component in blood clotting. One way it does this is... More »
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Rat poison is used to kill rats when they are in a location where they are unwanted. They cause the rats to eat them, thinking it's food, and then die.
Boric Acid Method Mix boric acid with chicken broth until you have a relatively thick paste. Roll the paste into small balls. Place the balls in areas where you've either seen rats
1 Mix a 1/4 pound (113 g) of plaster of Paris with 1/4 pound (113 g) of cornmeal in a large bowl. Plaster of Paris can be bought at most craft stores and hardware stores. It is a
Warfrain The same thing given people to thin their blood. Rat eats it, blood gets so thin it bleeds to death internally.
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