How Does Red Algae Move?


For the most part red algae does not move on its own. It floats to where ever the current takes it like many algaes do. There may be some protozoa in the red algae that move with the use of flagella.
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it moves by swimming around in circles.
Red Algae uses water currents to move about as it is not able to swim on it's own.
1. Prevent red algae from getting into your tank in the first place by soaking your tank accessories in hot tap water for 30 minutes with 1/4 cup of salt per gallon and then in cool
1. Test your water and get the tank within normal conditions to isolate the algae problem. Red algae locks up nitrates, so they may be present even when water tests are fine. If you
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Red algae is often found in water and in aquariums. They often are able to move due to the flagella which are used as feet . In addition to its color the red algae uses Floridian starch for food consumption You can find more information here:
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