How Does Santa Get Back Up The Chimney?


Santa doesn't get back up the chimney. He is always thinking and has a plan. He doesn't want to make too much noise so he will slip quietly out the front door and then call his reindeer and sleigh down to the ground. Santa visits homes that have chimneys and those that don't. He can always find a way in so he can leave a little boy or girl their Christmas presents. Santa is also known as St. Nicholas.
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Santa gets down the chimney by putting his finger by his nose and using his special Christmas magic. This is how he keeps from getting burned and can fit himself and his large pack
1. Have your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned. Cleaning a chimney is important to do regularly. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, materials from smoke can deposit
In part..... Santa got stuck in the chimney, cause he was so big and round. He giggled and he wiggled and
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