How Does Sedimentary Rock Form?


Sedimentary rock forms from the compression of sediment - dirt and soil layers become covered with more layers of dirt or rock, and the weight of the soil above compresses the soil below into a solid, forming rock.
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Methods of Sedimentary Rock Formation. #1. The classic route begins with the weathering and erosion of sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic rocks. Through these processes, larger
Chemical sedimentary rocks form at the earth's surface. Sedimentary rocks are rocks that have been placed by weathering or erosion in layers or beds. Over time, these layers are compressed
Sedimentary rock is formed by the deposition and compression of min...
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Over time the layers of sand, mud, and pebbles at the bottom of lakes and oceans turn into sedimentary rocks.
Examples include sandstone, shale, and limestone.
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Sedimentary rocks are formed by the deposition of mud, clay, sand and other small particles on the surface of the Earth. Sedimentation can occur in many different ...
A diagram of how sedimentary rocks are formed can be obtained from ...
Sedimentary rock is formed by mineral and other materials sitting in water for an extremely long time. While the minerals and other materials are in the water, ...
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