How Does Side Scan Sonar Work?


Side scan sonars convey a narrow fan-shaped acoustic pulse (ping) at the right angles of its direction of travel. As the acoustic pulse moves outward from the side scan sonar, the oceanic and other objects echo some of the sound energy back in the path of the sonar (known as backscatter).
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a sonar system that is used to efficiently create an image of large areas of the sea floor. it emits conical or fan-shaped pulses down toward the seafloor across a wide angle perpendicular
The principle of side scan sonar is fairly simple. Focused sound waves are produced from an underwater source (a sonar towfish) towed near the sea bottom. Just as in radar, sound
Find seafloor obstructions that might be dangerous for shipping.
Side-scan sonar is a category of sonar system that is used to efficiently create an
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