How Does Sky Multiroom Work?


A Sky Multiroom works by having extra Digiboxes which can be used to connect to different TV sets in different rooms. Both of the Sky Digiboxes must be connected to the same phone line but viewers can switch within different television channels. This service however costs more than having only one Digibox.
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Sky Multiroom is a cable service that allows one to view a program on any TV in the house. An alternative would be to stay in one room and then you would not need to pay for the service
Yes. It allows you to still have only one subscription but watch different channels in different rooms at the same time.
Sky Multiroom can be installed in up to eight rooms in your home - as long as you can connect all your Sky boxes to a power supply and the same working telephone line you can enjoy
sky multiroom is an extra £10 a month on your current bill per room. installation is free sometimes but they often advertise it when its free so lookout. :)
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Sky multiroom is a collection of subscription television channels that transmit digitally in the United Kingdom. It works with the aid of a dish with a 40mm clamp and an OCTO LNB (8 outputs) or a QUATTRO LNB and a multiswitch. The digibox is configured to receive all the subscribed channels but a single cable is drawn from the main digibox to the other one in the bedroom and an infra-red blaster is installed in particular areas of the house to aid the viewer to change the channel from the bedroom.
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