How Does Smoking Affect the Way You Look?


Smoking not only affects the inside of your body, but affects the way you look because it can age your appearance. Smoking affects your skin in the form of wrinkles. It uses up vitamin C that is needed for healthy skin. Lines, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, and a slightly pigmented appearance are results to your skin caused by smoking. Smoking can ruin teeth, discolor them, and make your smile not as attractive as well as cause gum disease. Fingernails can be affected by smoking with discoloration.
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Smoking makes your skin age much faster, according to a paper in the December 2007 issue of the "Archives of Dermatology, which was written by Daven Doshi, Kaija Hanneman and
It makes the insides of thier lungs all white.
No info about how marijuana can effect your looks. The short term
yes. it deffinatly causes you 2 get wrinkles quicker then u should. plus its gross 2 do in general and u'll probley end up getting lung cancer.
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