How does snow occur?


When water reaches a temperature of zero degrees Celsius it will freeze. This is also true when you think of rain. When clouds release rain, if the temperature is cold enough, it forms snow.
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Heat of sun vaporizes water in sea, lakes & rivers. Vapor of water combine to make clouds. Clouds travel with wind. When they get less temperature, they give rain.
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SnowDrifts occur when a big gust of snow topples on top off another object and make a big mound of snow. They relate to sand dunes.
Evaporation, gradual change of state from liquid to gas's-cold-enough...
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Precipitation is created in cold air. That cold air turns the rain or precipitation into snow. Gravity then pulls it to the earth as snow.
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According to the Natural Disasters Association, snow storms occur in locations where air and ground temperatures reach below freezing. North America and Canada ...
Snow storms basically occur when very cold air collides with warm air that has risen suddenly, thus forming heavy clouds which cause the heavy snow storm. You ...
Snow is cold because it is formed by water crystals combining, a process that can only occur when the temperature falls to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or below. When ...
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