How Does Social Class Affect Education?


According to, social class affects a child's education. Students from lower social class backgrounds tend to put more emphasis on expected beneficial outcomes of higher education than do students from higher social class groups. Students from lower social back grounds also tend to take their studies more seriously since they believe that a higher qualification will bring improved job and career prospects, and also improved earnings and job security.
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Although we are not talking about a perfect determination, meaning that other factors in this relationship (the so called intermediate factors) have to be controlled in an ideal model
The quality of healthcare varies by social class for the following reasons Medicaid pays much lower than other payors. Lower health habits Lower quality healthcare access Lower education
Race, social class and income are all interconnected, and socioeconomic status is perpetuated. Working class people are often unable to afford post-secondary education for their children
According to the Gilbert Model the upper middle class is the group in
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