How Does Social Class Affect Your Health?


Social class is a complex issue that may involve status, wealth, culture, background and employment. If you are in a low socio-economic group then your health will be comprised by things such as lifestyle choices. Ones social class can influence their health; the difference in health between social classes is not simply a matter of disposable income.
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Social class affect an individual's health in different ways depending on which social class one belongs to, for instance those on the lower social class eat unhealthy foods while those in the middle class eat higher priced foods that more often is considered unhealthy.
Social class affects health in the sense that poverty leads to ill health through poor nutrition, housing and environment. Lower social class people are more prone to infective and parasitic diseases like pneumonia and they receive little or no health care services.
Social class in a community or urban area appears to affect the general level of health as well as specific disease rates through a variety of mechanisms. For starters, the general susceptibility to disease is somewhat higher in the disadvantaged classes because of constant exposure to stressful life events. Disadvantaged circumstances early in life in lower classes can set the stage for late onset chronic disease. Another mechanism through which social class affects health is via differential access to high quality primary and specialty medical care.
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Look at the people in hospital wards: health is certainly a social issue.
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The social class distribution in a community or urban area appears to affect both the general level of health as well as specific disease rates through a variety of mechanisms. One
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