How Does Socio Economic Status Affect Students?


Socio Economic Status is a position of a group or an individual within a hierarchical structure. Research shows that students from low socio economic communities and household develop academic skills more slowly than those in higher socio economic areas. Schools in low socio economic areas are often under resourced which affect students' academic progress. It also cause inadequate education system and leads to school dropouts which affect students' academic achievement. Student from high socio economic background perform better in the task of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division than low socio economic students.
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is the student doing a part time work? what is the monthly/annual expenditure of the student? does he/she have a savings account /etc.
The differences in socioeconomic status can perpetuate an achievement gap in the classroom. A U.S. Department of Education survey of more than 16,000 kindergartners revealed vast
Ultimately, there's no blanket way to make material relevant to students. Every situation is different, and making material relevant requires both high IQ and high EQ from teachers.
Socioeconomic status is an individual’s or group’s position within a hierarchical
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The factors affecting learning include socio-economic factors, the parent's education, school structure and resources, safety, the teachers as well as administration ...
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