How Does Sociology Differ from Common Sense?


Sociology differs from common sense because sociology is the study of human life, social groups, whole societies, and the human world. Common sense is routine knowledge you have from every day life experiences. We gain common sense by interacting with people, watching others, and by experiencing different situations. Sociology often regards common sense as a problem and challenge the idea of it. Sociological findings are based on the experiences of people in their every day lives.
Q&A Related to "How Does Sociology Differ from Common Sense?"
'Sociology' is related to 'mind' 'spiritual' 'understanding' 'rationality' . In short, 'sociology' is a product of the Enlightement notion 'pure reason' of Immanuel Kant, using the
The difference between Sociology and Common Sense is that
Sociological explanations usually start with a theory that is then tested in a systematic way. Common sense explanations are usually generalisations which are theories based on unsystematic
1) Common sense thinking refers to the day-to-day, seemingly self-evident truths that we tell ourselves. They are not based in evidence and are uncritical. For example, we may assume
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