How Does Sound Travel through Air?


Sound travels by the vibration of atoms and molecules in a medium such as air or water. That is why, out in space were there is no air, there is no sound.
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Sound travels in mechanical waves. Energy causes molecules to vibrate together in a wave-like pattern.
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Sound travels through air in waves. Big towers send out sound signals and they float through the air until they hit a receiver that magnifies the sound.
From the Source to the Air To answer that, we must first pin down the true definition of "sound": a form of energy, or rather, a disturbance through a medium, according
the vibration of the particles of medium of the sound waves causes the sound waves to travel.
Sound waves exist as variations of pressure. Sound is created when an object
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Sound travels at different speeds in different substances. This is because different substances are made up of particles in different ways. The difference therefore ...
The speed of sound through air is 343.2 metres per second. This is when the air is dry and the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. The speed is faster in ...
Sound waves travel in a straight path until something interferes with that path. When they meet interference, waves traveling in the air may diffuse as they find ...
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