How Does Sound Travel through Air?


Sound travels by the vibration of atoms and molecules in a medium such as air or water. That is why, out in space were there is no air, there is no sound.
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it travels because there are sound waves in the air and they vibrate in your ear.
Sound travels by vibrating its way through matter. Sound needs matter to exist, so there cannot be any sound in a vacuum, such as space.
Smell occurs when substances that are easily vaporized release airborne molecules. This is also true for substances that easily dissolve in water–the more easily something dissolves
5000 m/s.
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Sound travels in mechanical waves. Energy causes molecules to vibrate together in a wave-like pattern.
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Sound travels faster through water than air as water molecules are more closely linked than air molecules meaning they will transfer vibrations amongst themselves ...
The scientific definition of sound is a vibrating force that travels in waves, transmitted through the air and and detected by the ears. The average human is responsive ...
The speed of sound in steel is 5,960 meters per second. It travels over seventeen times faster through steel than through air. Generally, sound speed through solids ...
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