How Does Spot Welding Work?


Spot wielding is a process of wielding two or more metal sheets together without the use of any filler by the application of pressure and heat obtained from resistance to the flow of an electric current.
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1. Place the welding torch directly on the top piece of metal. Hold the torch motionless. 2. Depress the welding trigger, allowing the electrode wire and shielding gas to be continuously
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A spot welder works using an electrical current to form a bond between two metal sheets. The whole concept is based around the "spot" or centralized area where the weld
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How Does Spot Welding Work?
Spot welding works by sending an electrical current through two metal surfaces and thereby welding the surfaces together at that spot, hence the name. Spot welding requires the use of two copper electrodes and a thorough knowledge of how the thickness... More »
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