How does Star 67 Work?


You simply press star sixty seven and it will hide your number from who ever you are attempting to call. If they have caller ID your number will not be picked up.
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it is when you call someone and your phone number doesn't show up on there phone. it is good to use for prank calls!
U.S. Cellular does have the star 67 feature as an add-on that a customer must pay for. Star 67 allows a calling customer to block the phone number from the person he is trying to
Using Star 67 will block the sending of name and phone number on outgoing individual call.
It is simply pressed as *67 on your phone.Yo do htis before you enter the phone number your calling.This blocks the person's caller id to see what number or who called.Great for pranking
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Dialing star 67 is a free service which blocks the name and phone number on an outgoing call. It works by sending a computerized message to the phone company instructing the personal info. to be blocked. It must be dialed before the phone number for each individual call.
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You can block your number by dialing *67 before entering the number you are calling. You do not get any notification that it has worked. You have to enter it for ...
When you use the star 67 feature on the telephone, it blocks your number from a Caller ID. Many people don't accept numbers that are blocked or will not answer ...
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