How Does Steinbeck Convey Lennie's Animal like Qualities?


In the popular novel that is called Of Mice and Men, many people wonder how Steinbeck is able to convey Lennie's animal like qualities. The answer is that the author is able to do this in several different instances. Firstly, he compares Lennie's large hands to those of a bear by referring to them as his big paws. In addition, he also describes Lennie's style of drinking water from the river as being very horse-like.
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When he is drinking out of the lake like a cow, they way he is dependent on George and listens to everything George tells him to do.
Curiosity? kind of an animal like quality.
Steinbeck wrote many things what are you referring to? This happens all the time Askpedia questions When using Askpedia, BEFORE you submit your question, use the "Question Details
Lennie is compared to a bear by
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