How Does Technology Affect the Environment?


Technology has many affects on the environment. Some technology can cause fumes and toxins that negatively affect the environment. Some technology, like computers, has allowed us to improve the environment.
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Technology has a very large affect on education. Just fifteen or twenty years ago there were no computers in the classrooms. The school office staff still used typewriters.
it is affecting the environment by bringing such changes which are very destructible, the commonest is the smoke coming out of all the modern tools, besides this are certain harmful
Proponents of hydrogen as a fuel believe that a switch from hydrocarbons to hydrogen fuel is advantageous to the environment. Specifically, they tout the cleanliness with which hydrogen
Weather affects people in so many ways. It is a proven known fact that cloudy, gloomy, rainy days make people more down and depressed. Sunny days uplift people.
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