How Does Technology Help US Today?


Technology is the making, usage, knowledge and modification of machines, systems and techniques in order to solve an issue, achieve a goal or perform a certain function. Technology helps in making work easier, it creates new machines or tools, it changes or creates cultures and it also helps in development of a society.
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Thin-film photovoltaics and nanomaterials are changing how solar panels are made. Nanotechnology is making huge changes in the solar industry. New, thin-film and flexible photovoltaic
The answer to this question is relative. It depends upon how you see it in your own perspective, meaning, other people sees. S & T as a means to improve life but others may also
I haven't directly interviewed candidates from the IIT's or Ivy League schools but I've had exposure to both. In my personal opinion: There isn't a difference in raw intelligence
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Today technology helps us to complete several tasks quickly and simply for example Agricultural technology allows farmers to produce more food, medical technology gives us longer and healthier lives. Technology today has made our lives fun by educating us, enabling us watch TV, access any information we need using the internet.
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