How Does Temperature Affect Magnetism?


Temperature affects magnetism. In an experiment done on magnets, heated magnets became the weakest magnets. Magnets whose temperatures were normal (not changed) remained the strongest magnets. You can find more information here:
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Cesco Magnetics explains that each magnet has a temperature, known as the Curie Temperature, which, when reached, can permanently remove its magnetism. When a magnet is heated but
every magnet has a curie temperature, the curie temperature is the temperature the magnet has to reach to lose its strength. every magnet has a different curie temperature, the stronger
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Temperature has a great affect on magnets. Colder temperatures cause the magnet to strengthen its ability. This is caused by the atoms being able to move faster ...
There are several things that affects the strength of a magnet. The material the magnet is made from will make a difference. Also, the temperature will have an ...
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