How does the body decompose after burial?


How the body decomposes after burial can depend on a whether or not the body placed somewhere that will preserve it. The decomposition process begins with bacteria breaking down the tissue and creating gas that makes the body start to swell. The skin will start to get holes in it, which will attract insects. The fluids in the body will start to leak out, which can cause any vegetation around the body to die. Without the moisture, the skin will start to look like leather, and all that will remain is the bones and connective tissues.
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That really depends upon the type of embalming that is done. A body that is not embalmed will decompose fully in a matter of months.
50-365 days after death, a body is fully
Almost immediately I believe. I know if the body isn't buried within a week of the death, you may want to have a 'closed casket' funeral. Sorry for being morbid.
Decomposition slower in a coffin, identifiable for months. Within year skeleton and teeth, takes 40 to 50 yrs for bones to become dry and brittle.
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What happens to a body after burial depends. If the body was not embalmed, it will decompose quickly. There are, however, instances that an unembalmed body will ...
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