How Does the Body Function without a Gallbladder?


The body functions properly without the gallblader in away that bile produced by the liver is released in small quantities when fat is consumed. However, bile is released every single time into the small intestine. It's here in the small intestine where most of digestion occurs. In other words, because the gallbladder isn't a crucial organ.
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The gallbladder is a storage pouch for the enzymes that break down
The gall bladder works with the liver. It stores the waste products from the liver until they can be got rid of. The liver cleans the blood and produces the bile which is puts into
Heres a little basic physiology. Bile is needed to break up the fats, in your food. Bile is produced in the liver. The gall bladder holds extra bile, to be used when the digestive
Tiara, I would be happy if we could but we cannot as far as I am concerned. The brain seems to be a hardware and as such can only function with physical support of bodily mechanisms
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The gallbladder is attached to the liver and stores bile, which helps digest fats when released into the small intestine. A non functioning gallbladder may come ...
You may get gallstones though chances are less after the removal of the gallbladder. The gall bladder stores and concentrates bile. However the body can function ...
Your gallbladder is an important cog in the wheel that runs your body, producing bile that aids in the liver and digestive functions. Oftentimes, a gallbladder ...
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