How does the Body Use Cholesterol?


The body uses cholesterol because it is vital to many bodily functions. It can make many different hormones inside the body and can also help to make vitamin D. It moves throughout the blood stream. You can find more information here:
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Cholesterol is used to form cell membranes, vitamin D, and even some of the bodies hormones. Cholesterol levels change day by day. They range anywhere between 10-25 percent any given day.
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Significance of Cholesterol in The Body We need some cholesterol in our blood to help with normal cell function. Without it, cells would die. Cholesterol is converted to bile in the
Cholesterol. is found outside the body.
Only a small amount of the cholesterol in the body comes from your diet, it is
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liver. ...
Cholesterol. is found outside the body. ...
In the human body, Cholesterol is made in the liver and the intestine mainly from the fragments of fats. In infants, the body is incapable of making sufficient ...
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