How Does the Cordless Kettle Base Work?


The cordless kettle base or the electric kettle works when the electricity travels through the element inside the kettle, corded kettles are connected directly to the mains by a wire that is often detachable they also have a base unit that the kettle sits on and this provides the power to boil the water but resistance to the flow of electricity causes heat then the heat is then conducted into the water again when the water reaches boiling point, the steam heats up a Bimetallic Strip which is made up of two different strips of metal, which bends because one of the metals expands faster than the other, this breaks the circuit, and the electricity doesn't get through the element until the bimetallic strip has cooled down.
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1. Fill the kettle 3/4 full with water. Add in 1/2 cup of household vinegar. The vinegar will clean, disinfect and remove any odor from the kettle. 2. Place the kettle on the hotplate
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EN60335-1:2002 {General Requirements} EN60335-2-15:2002 {Requirements for Products heating Liquids} Requirements of the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC EN55014-1:2000 + A1:2001 +A2:2002
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A cordless kettle base works by using a detachable electrically powered base. The kettle is placed on the base, which is connected to the main outlet. When the water reaches its boiling point, the kettle automatically switches itself off making it very convenient.
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