How do the Earth, sun and moon work together?


The earth, sun and moon work together by the moon going round the earth as the earth goes round the sun about its own orbit. The three work together by using their gravitational forces to cause tides. They produce high tides when the moon is between the sun and the Earth (new moon), both the sun and the moon work together to produce particularly high tides. 
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The sun does not orbit or move around the Earth and moon because the Earth has to orbit the sun while the moon orbits the earth.
The moon is
The earth rotates on its axis tilted at about 23 degrees, and it revolves around the sun so that different parts of the earth get more direct sunlight as the earth progresses around
High and Low Tides. The Sun and the moon both exert a gravitational pull on the Earth. You might think the suns pull is much grater because it's more massive than the moon but you
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