How Does the Function of Stratified Epithelia Differ from the Function of Simple Epithelia?


From what I learned in college, stratified epithelial is made up of many layers of cells starting from a basement membrane where cells are produces. The top layers flack off because new cells are pushed from the bottom up, this is functional for the skin. Simple epithelial cells are only one layer of cells which is functionally better for blood vessels.
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So, think of parts of the body where stratified and simple epithelium line. The stomach and small intestine, for example, are lined with simple epithelial tissue, but the skin, vagina
Major function of all epithelia is to form a barrier, always contig...
Stratified houses all of the nerves, blood supply, things of that nature. It is also non-keritinized, so basically, it is living tissue, while simple epithelia is keritinized (dead)
Simple means that there is only one layer of these cells, not as much protection as stratified which indicates several layers of cells. Ciliated will be found lining the airways,
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A simple epithelium has only one layer of tissue while stratified epithelia has more than one layer of tissue. Stratified epithelia differ from simple epithelia ...
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