How Does the Genetic Code Work?


There are four letters of the genetic code.This are A, C, G and T.All complicated structures and process that go to make up living things are coded with the four letters of the genetic code. The letters on the DNA make 3 letter words. The words are always three letters long. These words are called codons. Three of the codons actually code the instruction 'stop' that tells the mechanism that translates between DNA and protein where the end of the protein sequence is.
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A genetic code is the set of instructions that determine what information encoded in the genetic material is translated into proteins by cells. This code determines how an organism
1. Recall from basic genetics that DNA has four bases: adenine (A) cytosine (C) guanine (G) and thymine (R. RNA uses the same bases except that it uses uracil (U) instead of thymine
Life as we know it is composed, at the molecular level, of the same basic building blocks for instance, all life forms on Earth use the same four nucleotides to make DNA. And almost
the genetic code contains amino acids in triplet form in a repeated manner.
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The genetic code is the specific ordering of the nucleotide contained in DNA material that incorporates unique genetic material in the organism. ...
The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material is translated into proteins by living cells. All genetic information is stored ...
Genetic code is a set of order for transmitting genetic data stored in the form of DNA or RNA, the nucleic acids that contain genetic information into proteins ...
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