How does the Incredible Hulk die?


In the finale of the made-for-TV film "The Death of the Incredible Hulk," the green antihero tumbles to his death after falling out of an airplane. Once he hits the ground, the Hulk transforms into his alter ego, Dr. David Banner, who then dies after pronouncing that he is finally free. The film was first broadcast in 1990.

In the movie, Banner is laying low working as a janitor at a laboratory. He hopes to use the lab to devise a cure for his tendency to turn into the Hulk whenever he is upset. Unfortunately for Banner, a group of terrorists are keen to harness the Hulk's power. Once they catch on to Banner, the plot shifts into high gear. Banner falls in love in the midst of all the chaos. Later he discovers the woman he loves is a spy.

Initially, those behind the plot of the movie intended to create a cliff-hanger with a sequel in which the Hulk was resurrected but, as in the Marvel comic book of the same name, with Banner's mind. Writers were working on the script the same year the film debuted, but Bill Bixby, the actor who played Banner, began to experience failing health following a cancer diagnosis. He died in 1993.

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