How Does the IRS Notify You of an Audit?


There are a couple of ways that the IRS will notify you of an audit. They will either call you on the telephone or mail a letter to you home. Depending on the type of audit being done, it may simply require mail correspondence.
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As of 2010, the IRS was conducting three kinds of audits. From least serious to most serious, they were the correspondence audit, the office audit and the field audit. The IRS conducts
1. Keep Records. A good rule of thumb is to treat each day as if you will be audited two or more years later, because this is often the case. Keep all records including appointment
There are four basic types of audits conducted by the IRS. Correspondence Audit In this type of audit the taxpayer will receive a letter from the IRS which details specific information
This depends upon what the audit uncovers, and other factors like the taxpayer's criminal history. But the ultimate consequences of an audit range from prison, to repaying taxes that
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Generally the IRS has a 3 year limitation on auditing you. They also have a 10 year limitation on collecting back taxes. There are always special circumstances ...
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