How Does the Nervous System Work with Other Body Systems?


The nervous system must interact with all the other body systems in a human body. The nervous system works by controlling several organs of the body. The brain then receives information and adjusts the signals accordingly. The nervous system works with skeletal system, cardiovascular system, muscular system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system, and the integumentary system. The nervous systems sends signals to the brains to help each of these systems function.
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Answer its related by all being a system A. The circulatory system doesn't really control the body. B. The respiratory system system helps the body by breathing. If you didn't breathe
Nervous tissue is composed of two main cell types: neurons and glial cells.
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Brain and spinal cord.
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The skeletal system cannot work alone simply on its own. It works in conjugation with other systems of the body such as the muscular system, nervous system and ...
The basic unit of the nervous system is the neuron. The neuron is a single nerve cell. The human body has billions of them. They carry electrical impulses from ...
The Central Nervous System consists of the brain and spinal chord. It contains millions of neurones (nerve cells) which communicate by sending electrical signals ...
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