How Does the Nitrogen Cycle Work?


The nitrogen cycle works this way: Plant and animal wastes decompose and add nitrogen to the soil. Bacteria in the soil convert these forms of nitrogen into forms plants use. Plants use the nitrogen in the soil to grow. People and animals eat the plants, then animal and plant residues return nitrogen to the soil again, completing the cycle.
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Nitrogen supplies the plants with energy to grow and produce. Nitrogen is also important in seed developement. Nitrogen synthesizes proteins from nutrient supplies providing balance
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The nitrogen cycle begins with the biological processes that take unusable atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into a fixed form. Precipitation and legume crops like alfalfa and beans
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Nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen in all its forms, cycles through the earth, much in the same way the water cycle occurs. The majority of earth's ...
The steps of the nitrogen cycle are nitrogen fixation, nitrification, ammonifcation and denitrification. During the first step, nitrogen fixation, special bacteria ...
Nitrogen is found in DNA, RNA and proteins all of which are vital to the survival of organisms. The air is made up of primarily nitrogen, but it is unusable in ...
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