How does the presence of a large body of water can affect climate?


It keeps place near it warmer in the winter &nd cooler in the summer.
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Water at the Earth's surface and in the atmosphere
Bodies of water have a damping effect on the swing in temperatures of coastal areas. That is, while inland regions can quickly decrease in temperature from the fall to winter seasons
Water has a higher specific heat capacity than air, and the oceans have a much bigger total heat capacity than the atmosphere. Heat capacity is the amount of energy it takes to change
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Large bodies of water greatly effect the climate. They heave a regulatory effect on temperature. They help in maintaining stable temperatures and do not allow ...
Oceans moderate the temperatures of nearby land because water heats and cools much more slowly than land. Therefore, winds coming from the ocean usually deter ...
The presence of water affects the climate of a nearby landmass by causing changes in temperature and weather due to the temperature changes in the water. Often ...
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