How does the reproductive system maintain homeostasis?


When people want to know how the reproductive system maintains homeostasis, they are often surprised to learn that it makes no contribution. This makes it quite unique in terms of body systems, as the rest do play a role in homeostasis. The reproductive system does not have a central role in preserving life. Its functions centralize around sexual desire, as well as reproducing. However, it does have an impact on the psychological development of an individual, and through its reproductive purposes, it can make a contribution to society.
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It is my understanding that the reproductive system doesn't contribute to homeostasis. The reason for this is because it has nothing to do with keeping us alive - its job is to keep
All organisms thrive best under certain conditions. This includes conditions within the organism itself, or its internal environment. "Homeostasis" is the term that refers
The skeletal system plays an important role in regulating blood
homoeostasis of the bone calcium is via parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH controls the amount of vitamin the production and therefore how much calcium is absorbed in gut. PTH also controls
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