How does the Spinning Jenny Work?


It was a metal frame with eight spindles attached to it. Then eight rovings (bundles of fiber) are attached to the spindles. When these fibers were extended, they would go through two bars that were horizontal which would be closed together. That bar could then be moved across the top of the frame with the left hand of the spinner which extends the thread. The spinner would use his right hand and spin a wheel really quick so that the spindles would rotate and the threads would get spun. When the bars would come back, the threads would be spun on the spindle. A wire would come down to guide the thread to the right spot on the spindle.
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The spinning jenny produced thread far more quickly than a normal spinner, putting many people out of their jobs.
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The Spinning Jenny is a spinning machine having several spindles. This machine was invented to help cut down on the amount of work needed to produce yarn. You can find more information here:
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