How Does the Structural Difference of a Stratified Squamous Epithelium Support Its Function?


The structural difference of a stratified squamous epithelium support its function because the cells function is to protect the body, such as skin. The structure is important because the cells are created, and replaced from the inside of the body out. This means that the structure of each cell builds up on the next to make the skin surface able to move and experience friction with out wearing away the skin. As the inner most layer replaces new cells each cell is pushed outward, and the outer most cells are worn away. There for the structure of these cells creates a system where they can be replaced. All of the layers together make up the top layer of skin that protects the body.
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How does the structural difference of the transitional epithelium and the stratified squamous epithelium support its function in the
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Transitional epithelium differs structurally from other stratified squamous epithelia because it is formed of rounded or "plump" cells with the ability to slide over one another to allow the organ to be stretched. ...
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