How does the structure of a cell relate to its function?


To cut straight to the point, the structure of a cell. determines. its function. For example, sperm cells are equipped with a flagella and many many mitochondria so they can promptly swim to and fertilize an egg cell. If sperm did not have a flagella
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Cell function interlocks surfaces that bind cells together -
The structure of the cell membrane is directly related to its function as the phospholipid bilayer or the 2 layers of the cell membrane provide a
There are two types of glandular function. One is endocrine and the other is exocrine. An endocrine gland secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream. An exocrine gland secretes
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The structure of a muscle cell differs from other cells because they are made of a multi-nuclei that is unable to divide into new cells which can make any damage ...
Cells are known as the basic structural and functional part of the human body. A cell structure relates to its function depending on its environment. However, ...
The special structure of a neuron relates to its function. The structure of the neuron is a long cell process. Transmission is transmitted faster because of the ...
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