How does the weight of a baseball bat affect the distance the ball travels?


A bat hitting a baseball is an elastic collision which means there is a transfer of momentum from the bat to the ball. Since momentum is equal to mass multiplied by velocity, a higher mass means more momentum. However, you also must consider that it
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F=ma > F is the force of your bat, "m" is its mass and "a" its acceleration. Because the force (F) of the bat is proportional to the mass (m) times its acceleration
It all is a balance of your strength and the weight of the bat. If you are strong enough to accelerate your bat to a certain velocity. At that velocity the heavier bat will hit the
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The mass of a baseball will determine how far a baseball travels, as well as the amount of force you apply to the ball when it is thrown or hit with a bat. ...
Weight, size and shape affects the distance a ball with travel. The heavier the ball the quicker it will drop to the ground. The size and shape of the ball affects ...
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