How Does Thermal Imaging Work?


Image enhancement and thermal imaging are the technologies that are used for night-vision surveillance applications. The process of acquiring heat from an object which is undetectable to the human eye, and transforming it into an image that can be viewed is what thermal imaging is all about. Special designed lens are used in focusing the infrared radiation then there after the Infrared detectors are used to scan this focused radiation. The thermal gram is then translated into electric impulse where the signal-processing unit sends the data to the display where it then becomes visible to the viewer.
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A thermal probe is a semiconductor with a specific job: It is made to conduct in a different way when temperature changes. Its measurements are a function of changes in resistance
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How Does Thermal Imaging Work?
Thermal imaging is a kind of infrared imaging science that can detect radiation in a certain infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce radiation images. Thermal imaging works because infrared radiation is produced by every object and... More »
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Thermal imaging works by converting variations in temperature to a picture or video. This type of imaging works much like a camera only it uses heat as a source.
Thermal imaging works by recording the temperature of objects, and then producing an image of the heat the camera can see. This then renders an image of different colors based on heat value.
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