How Does Thermography Work?


A thermogram is an image that shows places of various temperatures in different colors. It works by revealing temperature variations very clearly that a photograph is not necessary for analysis.
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Thermography is a procedure or technique that uses a camera to visualize and get an image or picture of the infrared heat or radiation produced by the skin's surface. It is used to help in the abnormal temperature pattern diagnosis and it can show the presence of pathology or process of disease.
How does thermography work? Thermography uses a medical camera to take thermal images of the body and its sent to a computer. These images are then interpreted by the physician. One example would be an EKG.
Thermography works basically by taking a digital thermal picture of the body. Everything in the body emits heat energy in specific patterns. A doctor can determine if there is a problem.
Thermography is thermal images taken with a sensitive medical digital camera. The data is then sent to a computer where the results are read by a trained physician.
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