How Does Thunder Occur?


Thunder is caused by the energy of lightning moving through the air. The lightning causes an almost instantaneous increase in air pressure and temperature, causing it to expand very fast. This causes a sonic shockwave that we hear as thunder.
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In simple terms, a quick increase in both pressure and temperature will cause the air to expand quickly. The expanding air will cause a sonic shockwave, which causes the loud thundering
Thunder occurs when energy from lightning heats and rapidly expands the air. The resulting sound wave gets heard as thunder. While lightning and thunder occur at roughly the same
When lighting strikes, it heats the air causing it to expand rapidly and making the air "vibrate"; this is
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Thunder occurs due vibrations that lightning makes as it is travelling as waves in the air. Lightning is a great electricity discharge that leads to the air heating ...
Thunder and lightning occur when warm moist air rises rapidly and forms cumulonimbus clouds. Inside these clouds, air currents that create strong up draughts and ...
The term thunder refers to the sound made by lightning. This sound occurs due to a quick expansion in the surrounding air due to an abrupt increase in pressure ...
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