How Does Topography Affect Climate?


Topography deals with the surface and features of the land, such as whether it is flat or has hills. Areas that are closer to water have milder climates. Areas with mountains tend to have extreme weather because the mountains act as barriers.
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Mark Twain once said, "Climate is what we expect and weather is what we get. When meteorologists report the weather conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation) their report
Well, straight off, temperature decreases with altitude, so mountainous regions, plateaus etc can have cooler than expected temperatures (hence glaciers on Mt Kilimanjaro near the
Topography affects climate in a variety of ways. The orientation of mountains to
the topography is a barrier for mass of air. the warm mass of air is cooling whe it has to climb along the mountains what produces storms. Into the valleys the winds runs cooling
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Latitude affects climate by influencing the intensity of the sun in a region. The angle and duration of the sun's energy determine surface temperature so that ...
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