How Does Tote Betting Work?


Tote Betting is one of the most well-liked forms of betting in the UK and it is the only bookmaker in UK, which is allowed to give pari-mutuel betting on horse racing. In tote, the betting pool is created from persons placing money on a Tote bet. A price citation for a horse on the Tote is the present bonus payout on the event of that outcome happening.
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Tote, abbreviation for Totalisator: A computerised system running parimutuel betting, calculating payoff odds & producing tickets based on incoming bets.
All settlements are made by the Tote and as a result Blue Square are not responsible for the time it takes for bets to be settled. Blue Square racing concessions DO NOT apply to Tote
Tote betting operates in a very similar way to the lottery. All bets on a particular event are added together to form a "pool". From this pool, the operating expenses are
Whenever someone makes a wager the information is instantaneously sent to a computer hidden deep in the dungeon of the track. The tote board's big computer brain then goes to work
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Tote is short for Totalisator. All the Tote bets are placed in a pool, and a deduction is made to cover costs and the Tote's contribution to UK horse racing. The sum of money remaining in the pool is then divided by the number of winning tickets to give a dividend, including a GBP 1 stake. Odds vary according to the pattern of betting, and bets are not accepted once the race has started.
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