How Does Vinegar Preserve Food?


The vinegar that is added to food preserves the food because it is an acid. the acid in the vinegar helps the food not grow bacteria that will make the food rot. If vinegar is not added, the food will rot at a faster pace and can't be eaten after a day or two. There are other preservatives used in conjunction with vinegar to help food stay on shelves longer. Some other additives are salt, brine, and alcohol.
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See Wikipedia's article about the Pickling of food. Acids which have a PH of <4.6 are an antimicrobial because they are "corrosive". There is more to preserving food
The acidic properties of vinegar significantly retard bacteria growth in food.
1. Fill a wide-mouth, sterile glass jar with clean pine needles. Use any size of jar, just be sure to pack the needles firmly inside. 2. Pour room-temperature, pasteurized apple cider
it is acidic so it would significantly retard bacteria growth. Using vinegar to preserve food is called pickling. It usually involves removing water from the food by soaking it in
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