How Does VVT I Work?


VVT- i or Variable valve timing with intelligence is a technology developed by Toyota for timing an automobile's valve. VVT-i changes the movement of the intake camshaft by using vvt sensor to determine the value of camshaft movement. This produces the height and direction that the camshaft is to be moved. A recurring mechanism is used change the camshaft from starting stage to high speed.
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A Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) is an automobile valve timing technology developed by Toyota and it is similar in performance to the Vanos. It's an intelligent system that works by altering the valve lift as well as valve timing. The system has two cams which handles the intakes and exhausts. The use of this engine has been discontinued in some Toyotas since it does not meet the emissions specification.
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The Variable Volume and Temperature (VVT) system provides an effective balance between flexible
V V T means variable valve timing which are used in petrol engines and other is DDiS means Directs Diesel Injection System which are used in Diesel Engine.
Variable valve timing, or VVT, is a type of piston engine technology. It improves gas mileage!
It is located right on top of the vvt i actuator in front of the engine by the timing belt cover. Thank you
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The Toyota VVT-I system is a 2-stage hydraulically controlled cam phasing system. It varies the timing of the intake valves through adjusting the relationship ...
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