How Does Water Pollution Affect Animals?


The affect of water pollution on animals includes the overgrowth of toxic algae that can kill aquatic animals. Oil pollution can affect the development of marine organisms, and cause damage to the nervous system. Mercury in water can cause death and abnormal behavior.
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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) notes that ground-level ozone pollution is more damaging to plants than all other air pollutants combined. When ozone enters leaves, it can
The biggest danger that can come from watering plants with polluted water is that they can die because of several pollutants. Herbicides are substances that are completely lethal
Pollutants can harm animals directly, but the pollutants can also combine with
1. Droughts or natural storms can happen more. 2. Many plants, animals, and trees die. 3. Global warming gets increased by 30 percent due to pollution. 4. Pollution leads to acid
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Water Pollution
There are many sources of pollution in our waters. In addition to point sources such as sewage and industrial waste, a great deal of water pollution comes from non-point sources such as agricultural runoff, and stormwater…
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