How Does Workers COMP Work?


Workers' compensation works by giving monetary benefits to workers who are injured when working in order to prevent possible law suits. For more information about workers' compensation, visit .
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Workers compensation is an insurance that pays if you are hurt on the job. You must apply for this and you usually must be working a certain amount of time.
If you become hurt or ill due to your job, you should first seek medical care. Inform the hospital or doctor's office that your issue is work-related. Your information will then be
A program whereby, if you are injured on the job, and in the performance of your job, it pays your medical expenses and grants you a certain amount of recovery time as well as compensation
You fall at work and sprain your ankle. You have chronic back pain due to overuse or misuse for an extended period of time while doing your job. You have developed lung cancer or
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Workers comp does not cover an employees route to and from work regardless of where you live. Workers comp is designed to cover you only when you are doing something ...
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If you fell at work but were not hurt, there is not really a reason to file for workman's comp. You should still file a report with your employer documenting the ...
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