How Early Can a Baby Survive outside the Womb?


A fully developed baby is normally born after 37 to 40 weeks of gestation. For a baby to survive outside the womb this has to happen after 21 weeks of gestation. It is then referred to as a premature baby.
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Whether you wish to know because you're curious about prematurity, or because you wonder how the answer may affect the issue of legal abortion, the question of when a baby can survive
I'm from Canada, and at the Hospital i work at, they consider a viable pregnancy at 25 weeks. Therefore anytime after 25 weeks your little has a good chance of survival but may have
It cannot. An embryo is completely reliant on its mother for life.
A baby born before 23 wks can't survive outside the womb. A
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The youngest premature baby to survive was Frieda who born in early November at 21 weeks and five days into the mother's pregnancy, weighing just one pound. ...
It depends if your full term or pre-term. If you're full term, the doctor would want to induce to prevent infection. If you are pre-term, you would stay in the ...
From what I know a baby has a heart beat as early as fourteen days. Make sure you follow up with your doctor if you are feeling any pains. A ultrasound will help ...
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