How Early Can a Baby Survive outside the Womb?


A fully developed baby is normally born after 37 to 40 weeks of gestation. For a baby to survive outside the womb this has to happen after 21 weeks of gestation. It is then referred to as a premature baby.
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The earliest a baby has ever survived outside the womb is one born after 21 weeks gestation. (A full-term baby is born at 37 to 40 weeks gestation. James Elgin Gill (born in 1987
Babies can survive from any point after 2 months, assuming adequate...
For goodness sakes? Who is the person giving everyone a thumbs down? Grow up, they are good answers. With the technology now a baby has the ability to survive at 23 weeks. I am not
The earliest baby to survive was 22 weeks, and that is because the mother lied to the hospital abouther due date. Most hospitals have the policy that if a baby is born before 23 weeks
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