How Expensive Are School Uniforms?


School uniforms can be a good thing for students and parents most especially those from low income earning families as they hide income disparities since all children are dressed the same giving them a proper environment to grow up and interact in without the struggle of having to compete with others and to fit in. School uniforms can be quite expensive given the materials they are made from and the type of uniform it is; some have blazers with them or just sweaters while some can just be pinafore or a top and skirt or shorts or trousers.
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~between 2 to 10 million dollars a year for the whole school. depending how many kids are in the school~
1. Get the community, including the students and their parents, involved in the implementation of a school uniform policy. Without the support of parents, it is difficult, if not
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The variety of costs of school uniforms can fluctuate from country to country , region to region, and state to state. Most uniform prices, however are not high and typically range from $10.00 to $25.00 for a set ( shirt and bottom).
School uniforms can be expensive. The price will vary depending on the school that the student is attending.
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