How Far Apart Are Studs?


Using two by fours, your load bearing wall studs should be 16 inches apart on center. If you are putting in non load-bearing walls, you can place the studs 24 inches apart on center.
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Standard wall studs are about 16 inches apart but some are known to be 24 inches apart. The best way to find out is to use a stud finder for accuracy.
One way to determine the distance between ceiling joists is based on the maximum live load that the joists will handle. This is calculated by taking several different factors into
bearing walls (walls that carry a heavy roof or floor load) need studs no more than 16 inches apart non-bearing walls can generally have the studs spaced 24 inches apart
The standard stud placement in most construction is every 16 inches
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Your studs in the walls should range from 16 to 24 inches. Building codes can vary from county to county so you may want to check it out. When you go to the hard ...
To determine how far apart studs are in your house, you must determine if the wall is load bearing. In load bearing walls, studs are typically no more than 16 ...
Wall studs are typically 16" apart from the center of each stud. Some wall studs are 24" apart. You can buy a stud finder at your local hardware store ...
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