How Far Apart Are Wall Studs?


To determine how far apart studs are in your house, you must determine if the wall is load bearing. In load bearing walls, studs are typically no more than 16 inches apart. However, non-bearing walls can have studs up to 24 inches apart.
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Studs are measured from the center of one stud to the center of the next. If the wall was built to code, the studs should be either 16' or 24' apart.
bearing walls (walls that carry a heavy roof or floor load) need studs no more than 16 inches apart non-bearing walls can generally have the studs spaced 24 inches apart
If you know how far apart the studs are, you only need to locate one to determine where the rest are. Building codes often have specific requirements for stud spacing. Contact your
As far as i know it depends on how the house is built. Try tapping on the wall, where ever it sounds hollow, that is a space in between the studs. Or you could do it the easy way
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A two by six inch stud must be spaced sixteen inches apart, and can span the length of the wall, floor or ceiling. A two by six inch studs are the normal stubs ...
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