How Far Apart Do You Put Recessed Lighting?


To determine how far apart to put recessed lighting, the general rule is to first measure the height of the room's ceiling and divide by two. Thus, in a room with an eight foot ceiling, you place the lights four feet apart. You should also consider if you want to feature focal points.
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The amount of existing light affects the placement of the new recessed lighting fixtures. Assess the light levels in the basement during the day and at night with the current lights
Hi. It sounds like you either have some wires crimped, or even more likely a switch loop wired wrong. The wire to the switch should connect to the black power in, the other wire
It depends on the lights you use. You want the light to slightly overlap the other lamps.
Sounds OK, I have a room that has a similar spacing. I would look at not using the bulbs that you are considering. Look at using compact fluorescent bulbs, (therefore you may be able
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How far apart recessed lights should be placed apart depends on the height of the ceiling. You take the height of the ceiling and divide by two to find out how ...
Placing recessed lighting can increase the amount of light given in a particular room. The lights should be placed in the ceiling four to six feet apart. If the ...
Making sure you have all the wire ran were your going to put the new recessed lighting, you can hook up black to black, white to white. Not to forget to ground ...
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